Yeah, it's just like riding a bike -- even after having not ridden for a while, you can hop back on a bike, and proceed to fall. Luckily, I only fell once, and wasn't even close to getting hit by a car at the time. The almost fall a bit before that was scarier, as there was a car nearby.

Oh, I got my new Bachetta Corsa on Friday. It's a sweet bike, but it's a bit different from my previous recumbent. The other one had under-seat-steering, this one has above-seat-steering. The other one had 20" wheels (so it was pretty low to the ground), this one has 26" wheels and sits a lot higher. I had SPD pedals on the previous bike, I've got Bebop pedals on this one. (The new bike also has Rotor Cranks, but the difference with those is just in the noise right now!) (And the new bike has a front disk brake).

So, going out to ride this bike meant that just about everything felt different, from how it feels when stopped, how it turns, avoiding heel-strike when turning. Oh, and this bike is lighter & really seems to want to go fast down hills. I don't have a bike computer for it yet, but I borrowed Mark's GPS, threw it in the seat bag and went for the ride. When I got home, Mark loaded the GPS track, and it recorded my high speed at 35mph, higher than what I would have gone if I had known that I was going that fast!

I took the bike on my normal "get started" ride, which includes one hill that always gives me problems. It's short, but has quite an elevation gain. To give you an idea, when I first started bike riding out here, I would have to stop & rest part way up this short hill. At my best, I could go up it at a pace of about 8mph. But, normally, I have to granny-gear it up at 4-6mph. This was definitely one of the granny gear days. As I approached the top, I was really wheezing -- I could tell that my lungs haven't completely recovered from the cold I had last week.

Unfortunately, it will probably be Fri before I get a chance to get out on the bike again, and then we're going to SLC for snowboarding with [ profile] wooddragon (OK, she'll be on skis, but she's a nice person, anyway).



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