Jul. 20th, 2013

After much thought & deliberation, we decided to get married in our home state. We drove to Yreka and had a delightful experience. Everyone at the County Clerk's office was very friendly and helpful, and went out of their way to make it a good experience for us. Due to a bit of confusion at the last minute, not everything was signed after the ceremony, and we didn't find out until we got back home & heard the message on the answering machine. So, we had to go back to Yreka to finish off the minor details. When we did, however, we discovered that the nice people at the County Clerk's office had tried to catch us at the County Recorder's office (in case we went there to order a copy of the marriage certificate). The woman who actually performed the ceremony also gave us a copy of what she read so that we would have it to take with us.

When we did finally get to the County Recorder's office, practically the first words from the nice people there were "Did you get everything signed?". And the next words were "Congratulations".

These people could have all stuck to the letter of the law and to their strict job descriptions, but they actually put effort into trying to help us and wish us well. It's the small things they did that really helped make this a great experience for us, and I'm grateful to the kind folks of Yreka.

So far, the only real difference I've noticed is that I used to refer to Mark's parents as my "mother-out-law" and my "father-out-law", but now I have to remember to say "in-law". That may take a while to get used to. They've been my out-laws for a long time!



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